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About Us

Established 1966


In 1966, Don and Valerie Condon started Statue Makers, a family-owned and operated home and garden fountain and statuary business.   

After a few years in other locations, the Condon's decided to make Houston, Texas their home.   Statue Makers has been proudly serving Houstonians for the past 43 years in the same Houston location.  This year will be our 53rd year in business!

We are Houston Proud!

Master Mold Makers


Master mold makers, Don and Valerie have created molds for some of the top architects and designers in the city.   

You've probably seen their pieces in local restaurants, on buildings, or in neighbor's yards.

A true art form, they have created molds that have been in production for over 30 years!   They pride themselves in creating a quality product which you will find evident in the fine detail of their work. 

Poured in concrete for durability, their castings are hand finished to resemble the look of old stone with a multitude of other finishes created over the years.